Catchers Equipment

One peice Catchers mask

These two catchers masks are very nice peices of equipment and most Major League Baseball catchers use the Rawlings masks, whether it be one or two peice. I prefer the one peice catchers mask because it comes on and off way easier so I can flip it off mid play. The two peice is more protective but the one peice is more comfortable

Golden Rawlings Catchers Chest Plate

When it comes to a catchers chest, this is probably one of the best looking and most protective you can use. Every MLB catcher is forced to use this chest.

Rawlings Catchers Shin Guards

For Catchers Shin Guards there isn't much of a difference between the brands and designs. I only reccomend this one because I use this design and brand.

For acatchers mitt,l I don't really have a prefence as to what is used. I would reccomend a Rawlings or a Wilson but it doesn't change much.