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What's In My Baseball Bag?

(And my ratings on them)

My Gloves:

My Mizuno Mitt My Wilson Mitt

The Mizuno Glove is probably the best pitchers mitt you can use. It is used by multiple Cy Young award winners(Best pitchers in baseball). The Wilson Glove costs a lot of monet but it is worth it because it it the sexiest, and easiest glove in the game

My Bats

My Rawlings Bat my woody

The Rawlings metal bat is a great bat for contact because of it's larger barrel than most bats. The wood bat is one of the most fluid swings I have ever used and was my first bat. I reccomend using Lizard skin grip for the wood and Tiger Stick pine tar

My Cleats

My Nike Cleats My Under Armour Cleats

The Nike cleats are very sharp and are greatr at gripping the ground, with my nike cleats I can turn on a dime. My Under Armour Cleats are good for pitching but not much else. I like how clean both the cleats look and the Nikes dont get dirty like some others. The Under Armours get dirty but are really easy to clean